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China Wound Care suppliers
Adhesive bandages
Product name:First aid adhesive bandage
Function:Stop bleeding,minor wound care such as cuts, scrapes, abrasions and blisters etc
Material:Cotton fabric, Elastic cloth, spunlace nonwoven, PVC,PE,PU,POE etc
Size:various size, or as your request
Color:Skin ,white, various cartoon patterns
Packed:Carry bag, color box

• Sterile (EO) & Latex Free • Hypo Allergenic • Waterproof.
• Ventilated, breathable Plaster • Plasters are individually wrapped.
• Excellent adhesive properties, Long lasting adhesion yet easy to peal.
• Soft and conformable Absorbent non stick pad Material for better comfort.
How to use
1. Gently clean the wound with water after wash hand before using medical band aid .
2. Apply medical band aid to wound, ensuring adhesive part of dressing does not come into contact with the wound
3. The medical band aid can be left in place for several days and is sticking well.
4. Change the first aid plaster if it is damaged.

Products we can supply:
Gauke offers a wide selection of first aid kits, car emergency kits, disaster kits, survival kit, CPR mask keychain bag, AED response kit and emergency preparedness products and accessories to suit all your requirements. When an accident happens make sure you have a first aid kit handy.
China Wound Care suppliers


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